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OxyGo FIT Ultra-Lightweight Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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OxyGo FIT™ Ultra-Light Portable Oxygen Concentrator provides patients with unrestricted freedom and independence!

Airline Approved

We named our newest POC the OxyGo FIT because it is going to “fit” into just about all of your oxygen patients’lifestyles. It weighs just 2.8 pounds and has 3 settings. Like our new 5 setting OxyGo, it delivers 210 ml of oxygen per setting. So your patients will be receiving 210 ml, 420 ml, and 630 ml of oxygen at settings 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

And just like its big brother, the OxyGo FIT is well constructed and will operate for almost 3 hours using a standard battery and it's airline approved. The OxyGo FIT has an optional larger battery, which will power the OxyGo FIT for up to 5 hours and adds less than one-half pound in weight. Either battery can be changed in seconds. Most of your patients will be able toreplace the battery themselves, thus eliminating costly in-service calls.
The OxyGo FIT comes with a protective bag with carry strap, both AC and DC power chargers, and a standard 

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